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COVID-19 may have changed how you work. If you are needed to work from home for the first time, this Australian Government Comcare Checklist can help you. It outlines hints for short term working from home arrangements.

The Checklist from the Australian Government guides choices and has tips for you on 

7 Things you might need to do

Take a photo of your work area. To show your employer what equipment you have available and how safe the area is.

Detail your available internet, telephone, and software. So your employer understands what you have access to support you do your work at home.

Talk to your employer about your situation. For example, you may have gone from working with 3 computer screens to just 1 small laptop screen. Tasks may take longer because of this. If you are working from home and have other family members around, this can mean noise and distractions occur. If you can, use a mute microphone on video call meetings you have.

If you have a concern you worry about, talk openly with your employer and together come up with solutions and fair expectations.

Manage breaks. Common situations are that people often do 1 of 2 things - they work full-on without a rest, or that they are distracted too easily and take too many breaks. Manage how you are working and follow the above Government checklist for safe working behaviour. Pace yourself. Remember to take medications, drink water, do some stretches, or fresh air, set reminders if you find the change to routine makes you forget. 

Use background "noise" to break the quiet. If you have worked in a busy, noisy workplace, the “quiet” at home can be a new experience, more noticeable if you live alone. To break the quiet, play background music, or radio to balance this. Avoid TV as can be a distraction rather than help.

Set small goals. We get it, it is hard to adjust, and COVID-19 is causing uncertainty and stress. Start with small goals, break your day into achievements and celebrate what you complete. 

Update Support Workers. This way they are aware of any new circumstances and changes to supports.

Balance Tips

For help to balance work and life, and things to do in isolation we have put together the following articles- 

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