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In learning about COVID-19 and the capability of the virus to live on surfaces for extended periods, the implications for cohorts of people with a disability such as wheelchair users require some extra care. More than a case of frequently washing your hands, you need to also clean your wheelchair and components.

 Below is a video guide from Beneficial Designs on Hand and Wheelchair Washing.

Other resources

How to clean your wheelchair also by Beneficial Designs is a 3-page guide with instructions and diagrams.

Hand hygiene for people with Spinal Cord Injury from Spinal Cord Injury Canada covers hand hygiene basics, manual and power wheelchairs.

Download PDF pdfWheelchair and Assistive Technology Users Precautions for COVID-19

The use of sanitisers and other products should be done with care, if you are unsure, check with your wheelchair manufacturer for their recommendations on suitable products for the different surfaces of your chair.

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