SBS has produced a number of videos to provide information in various languages about coronavirus (COVID-19). It is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. To this end news and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in a range of languages on the SBS website.

This World Health Organisation (WHO) video discusses when and how to wear a face mask.

Maintaining good mental health during this time of great change is really important for our wellbeing. 


Coronavirus can be more serious for older Australians, but we can help to protect those most at risk. Watch this video to learn more.

We can all help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. This video details good hygiene practices that everyone can adopt.

Coronavirus is most likely to spread from person to person when we come into close contact with one another. We can all help stop the spread by keeping our distance. Watch this video for useful tips.

animated character with a smiling face

This case study demonstrates the use of chemical restraint and discusses the implementation and regulation of restrictive practices and how service providers or care workers can work with behavioural therapists to implement positive behavioural support to minimise reliance on chemical restraints. 

Image of a helicopter carrying a bucket of water near a bushfire.

Thanks to The Deaf Society and Hayley Martin for the following Auslan video regarding the NSW Fire Warning.

Man sitting next to a woman

The Brike Project is looking to create new products that create open opportunities to employ people with disability. 

2 girls smiling and laughing

Take a look at the Gig Buddies Sydney Christmas in July silent disco held at Sydney Aquarium.