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Moovit combines real-time data from Transport for NSW with live information from the user community. It will give you the fastest route, announce stops along the way and alert you when your stop is approaching.

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BLITAB® is the first tactile tablet for blind users, empowering them with digital access to information in real time, and improving literacy and employment rates.

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With the help of sponsor The Home Depot Foundation, “The View” surprises Iraq veteran Carlos Figueroa and his family with a new home after they lost their home in the Sonoma wildfire in 2017.

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Top 6 Assistive Technology For People With Disabilities

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Use smart home automation to help people with disabilities. In this episode, we help Bob, a quadriplegic, simplify his life with the use of smart home tech. Being disabled shouldn’t mean that accessibility is sacrificed, not in today’s day and age. Today we discuss how a simple solution.

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The Feed investigates the death of a young Indigenous woman and her last presentation to Tumut Hospital on New Years Day 2016.

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Ryan is the happiest when he's on stage and the judges could sense it! » Get The America's Got Talent App:

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A social enterprise providing personalised flexible employment, Castlereagh Industries encourages people to discover their unique potential, through opportunity and choice.

This video is to raise awareness on Invisible Disabilities

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Create Your Future – Personal stories of disability and cultural diversity in study and work