Accessibility Tools

Man with no arms and no legs with the beach behind him

As a reporter, Peter Overton has covered numerous stories. Many of them are memorable, but there’s one that people ask him about more than any other – Nick Vujicic. He’s a remarkable man from Brisbane who Overton first met more than a decade ago. Nic was born with no hands, arms or legs either. But has it stopped him? No way.

Man with a hat and bright glasses on performing

Nathan tells his story about Night of Abilities and how it's a night of fun for all.

Man standing at the back of a car with the car boot open

Today the Mobility Engineering Team are answering a series of questions in a "How To" video on checking for a wheelchair lifter and the correct fit in your vehicle.

Image of yellow animated figure in a wheelchair rolling up an incline.

Unlimited presents a short animated film which helps explain the social model of disability. This video is available with and without audio descriptions. 

Man sitting on the grass talking on a mobile phone

The Access for Everyone program was designed to assist people in a low income, or facing financial hardship, maintain telecommunications access.

Cartoon image of a house a bathtub and a money box

A short video on Capital Supports and what they can be used for as a part of your plan.

A short video explaining in-kind and stated supports.

Man sitting talking

Assistive Technology Talk: Wheelchairs, aids and devices' Webinar

Computer screen with the NDIS website displayed

This video is a step-by-step guide of how you can log into the myplace participant portal.

Young lady wearing a police hat

Jessie's big day out with the Melbourne Police.