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Pavlova dessert that has cream and mixed berries on top, sitting on a plate with a serving knife on the left.

A no-fail recipe for Pavlova. A staple at Aussie and Kiwi Christmas lunches since it was created nearly 100 years ago. It was named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who was a megastar when she toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920's! 

shortbread stars tied with red and white string

This is Kim's Nanna's shortbread recipe. She makes several batches before Christmas and bottles them up in glass jars to give as gifts.

A display of cut slices of rocky road made from white chocolate. It has marshmallows and cherries and nuts.

Christmas is a time for sharing traditions. This is a simple recipe for Rocky Road with a festive twist.

An ice-cream Christmas Pudding, on a plate with chocolate drizzles over the top. Christmas decorations are in the background.

Rather than spending hot summer days with the oven on for 4 hours while the Christmas Cake cooks, my family tradition is an easy Ice-cream Pudding.

A glass with yellow toned trifle in an individual serve.

Christmas can be a difficult time for people with sensory issues and Autism. Sharing food with family and friends can be problematic and painful when presented with challenging textures, flavours and colours. 

A blue giftbox with white ribbon sits on a wooden background.

This article is written in the spirit of Reduce, Re-use, Re-gift, and Recycle. If you are the recipient of a gift that does not fit, is a double-up, is just unwanted, missed the mark or is not “you”, you can choose to re-gift or donate. We explain how you can start thoughtfully re-gifting.

A group of 4 Christmas Baubles balanced together.

The festive season is always hard to budget for. With the high cost of living and low wage growth over the past few years, it is more challenging than ever to stretch that extra dollar this Silly Season! 

Two fabric drawstring bags in from of a tree with lights. One bag has a pattern of red Christmas trees, and the other has a tag with "Merry Christmas".

We have put together some considerations to help make Christmas more inclusive, hoping you can enjoy it more.

An elderly man drinking coffee

Recently I was having afternoon tea with one of my daughters at the local bakery, and reading her final Primary school report. The elderly fellow at the next table, a widower of Italian heritage, who I shall call Antonio* asked, “Is it a good one?”

a christmas tree. Ideas does information so you can do life.

In the first part of Dawn’s Story, Dawn was diagnosed with dementia and has taken residence in an aged care facility.  When Bill, her husband, visits, they discuss how Christmas will be celebrated. Joyce, her favourite tea lady and friend, has offered the family some tips for celebrating a dementia-friendly Christmas and holiday season.