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A group of 4 Christmas Baubles balanced together.

The festive season is always hard to budget for. With the high cost of living and low wage growth over the past few years, it is more challenging than ever to stretch that extra dollar this Silly Season! 

We have 12 tips to help you limit spending this Christmas!

  1. Have a list and stick to it
  2. Know your budget (and be as realistic as you can). 
  3. Limit time on social media and try not to buy impulsively.
  4. Put a "No Junk Mail" sign on your letterbox.
  5. Put time between you and your purchases – walk away and leave it for a week and then ask yourself if you still really need it.
  6. Pay with cash instead of cards, or create a spending jar with tokens you take out each time you make a digital purchase.
  7. Avoid spending traps like AfterPay.
  8. Save for rainy days (Don’t spend ALL your budget, see how you can tighten it a little)
  9. Consider cost per wear or cost per use. How many hours would it take you to work off the piece?
  10. Don’t fall for cheap trash or bargains for the sake of it.
  11. Start less expensive traditions.
  12. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle where you can.

Fact sheet: 12 Christmas Planning and Budgeting Tips

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