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shortbread stars tied with red and white string

This is Kim's Nanna's shortbread recipe. She makes several batches before Christmas and bottles them up in glass jars to give as gifts.

What you need


340 g butter
110 g icing sugar
3 ½ cups plain flour
2 to 3 tbsp. cornflour


Measuring cups and spoons 
Beater or stand mixer 
Mixing bowl 
Rolling pin 
Biscuit or scone cutters

What to do

Beat butter and sugar to a cream (until pale and fluffy), then add the flour and cornflour.

Roll out your dough to about 2 cm thick, and use your cookie or scone cutters to cut out your biscuits. You can use Christmas-themed cutters to give your biscuits that festive feel. Collect scraps and re-roll, and use your cutter again until all the dough is used up. 

Place on a lined baking tray.

Bake at 180°C (350°F) or 160°C (320°F) in a fan-forced oven until just golden (check after 15-20 minutes).

Shortbread will keep in an air-tight container (or glass jar) for up to a week.

IDEAS does information so you can bake biscuits.