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A blue giftbox with white ribbon sits on a wooden background.

This article is written in the spirit of Reduce, Re-use, Re-gift, and Recycle. If you are the recipient of a gift that does not fit, is a double-up, is just unwanted, missed the mark or is not “you”, you can choose to re-gift or donate. We explain how you can start thoughtfully re-gifting.

A good gift does not always have to be bought brand new! Thoughtful re-gifting is good for the environment, plays a part in combating consumerism and is not bad for your wallet. If you live by the mantra “one in one out” or love minimalism, this practice may resonate with you too. Gifts should be shared and used rather than sit unused and take up room.


Have a central space – box or drawer that works as a catch-all for items you choose to re-gift. Note down who gave you each gift, so you do not return the item to the original giver. Of course, you can always have a few sensibly purchased items in this drawer for emergencies. This is an excellent system for last-minute gifts for kids presents. 

Rules to play by

  • Give a gift that is appropriate to the receiver – not a gift just for the sake of getting rid of something.
  • Regift if you are from a smoke-free home. You may not notice the smell, but others can.
  • Regift if you are from a pet-free home. Allergies, need we say more?
  • Regift unused items. (Using something once, places it in the donate to second-hand category.)

Check it twice

  • Unwrap the gift fully and check for anything personal you need to remove.
  • Check all the parts are included.
  • Check food items are in date.
  • Check inside books for inscriptions.

Wrap it up

  • Rewrap the gift with a thought to the presentation.
  • Do it quietly. No need to mention you are re-gifting unless you want to rebel and start a trend. In that case, you can visit The Gift Rebellion, which has paper and cards explaining that the gift is regifted or second-hand.

Other ways to “re-gift.”

  • Donate to second-hand charity stores
  • Sell them in a garage sale if you can gather enough “stuff” to make it worthwhile.
  • Place items on eBay or classifieds after a bit of time has passed.

IDEAS does information so you can re-gift.