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Roadside assistance services are available to help you should your wheelchair or motorised mobility scooter or gopher have a flat tyre or breakdown. We list some of the options available. 


NRMA Roadside Assistance provides a service for members with nonregistered motorised mobility scooters or wheelchairs in case of tyre problems. If you carry a spare, the technician may be able to assist you.

The customer should contact roadside assistance at 13 11 11 for service. The operator will advise when service can be provided.

If the mobility scooter or wheelchair is registered to drive on the road, it must be listed for roadside assistance on the customer's membership. For more information about membership fees, contact NRMA using the details below.

NRMA's service is limited as patrols do not carry spare parts or tyres for these vehicles. However, if the customer has the part, the patrol may be able to repair the vehicle. NRMA do aim to make sure you are out of any bad weather conditions and in a safe place.

Contact NRMA on 13 11 22.


RACV has a similar program, Emergency wheelchair and Scooter Assistance.

An RACV technician will meet you and attempt minor on-site repairs at your location. If they can’t fix the issue,  they will organise a wheelchair-accessible taxi to take you home (up to $60 per call out).

If you’re at home, they can attempt repairs like fixing spare parts, changing a flat tyre or minor mechanical repairs. If they can’t fix the problem on the spot, RACV arranges to get you and your wheelchair or mobility scooter home or to a specialised repair shop the same day.

Contact RACV on 13 72 28


RACQ assists with wheelchairs or mobility scooters. RACQ provides this service as a community service, and therefore, the caller does not need to be a member or hold a roadside product, nor does their wheelchair/mobility scooter need to be registered. This means you’ll be covered automatically in case you need assistance.

For flat batteries. RACQ service will test the battery to determine if it will hold a charge or if a new battery is required. The patrol will connect the battery to the user’s charging facility if recharging is required. If a replacement is required, the user must arrange this through the usual supplier. RACQ does not collect, deliver or install these batteries.

For flat tyres. The patrol will re-inflate the tyres. Care must be taken to ensure the tyre is inflated to the correct pressure. Inflate the tyre to the pressure specified on the sidewall. In the case of a puncture, the patrol will repair the tube if the user has a repair kit available. If the user has experienced a blowout with a tyre, the patrol will change the tyre if the user has a new tube/ tyre available. Where no replacement stock is available, the wheel will be taken from the residence to a place of repair for collection at a convenient time. Depending on the workload and the availability of a prompt repair, the patrol, with the agreement of the dispatcher, may elect to wait for the repair to be completed and then return it to the user. Any repair charges become the responsibility of the user. The patrol will not change more than one tyre (i.e. replacing old tyres with new tyres on more than one wheel at a visit). This is not regarded as “Community Service”

Contact RACQ on 13 19 05


Have wheels to go. Wheels2go provides members with mobility devices, such as a manual or electric wheelchair, and access to 24/7 roadside assistance. If they cannot get your mobile, they can arrange a taxi or call a friend or carer on your behalf.

Contact RACWA on 13 11 11


Mobility scooter road service.

When your mobility scooter breaks down or gets a flat tyre, RAA does its best to get your vehicle moving again. If repairs can't be carried out at the roadside and you're not home, we'll arrange for a taxi to transport you and your scooter to a safe location or place of repair. For details, please refer to the Road Service Personal Entitlements Guide (PDF, 1.2MB).

Contact RAA on 13 11 11 

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