The photograph shows the edge of a swimming pool. There are two people, one a young girl with disability, the other a woman. The woman is holding a pool noodle in one hand, and guiding the girl into the pool with the other. They are next to a diving board with a cone placed on top.

Practical swimwear designs for comfort and discretion are available no matter your needs. Swimwear designs include adaptability or practicality, and we highlight some of the features available.

Swimwear is available with the following features:

  • Slip-oor wrap-around swimsuits that are easy to put on
  • Swimsuits for people with burns who need to avoid sun exposure
  • Swimsuits or shorts for bowel and bladder incontinence available in sizes for children, youth and adults
  • Leakproof swimwear that is odour fighting and protects pelvic floor mishaps or spotting or light periods
  • Reusable swimwear briefs for incontinence
  • Floatation swimwear
  • Variations in fastenings from Magnetic, Velcro, Studs or Zips
  • Swim fins for below-knee amputees to aid swim stroke
  • Ruched designs that help hide ostomy bags
  • Specialist swimwear for ostomates
  • Ostomy swim wraps and bands
  • Mastectomy swimwear that keeps or hold prosthetics in place.

And there are protectors for ears – to keep ears dry and water-free. Known as ear bands, they can help keep earplugs in place and are available for babies through to adult sizes.

IDEAS can help you find a supplier of swimsuits that meets the needs you have, get in touch with us today or read more about leak-proof swimear on our Adaptive Fashion blog. 

This article was originally published in the Newsletter of IDEAS November December 2020 edition. 

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