IDEAS works collaboratively with all stakeholders to maximise the effectiveness of disability information and resources. These stakeholders include people with disability of all ages and their families, carers, and supporters; non-government and government professionals; service providers; and members of the public.

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2RPH provides a 24-hour radio reading service for people in NSW who cannot read independently, easily access or understand published material. IDEAS partners with 2RPH in its mission to provide a radio reading service of published material that is enabling, informative, educational and entertaining. This achieves IDEAS purpose to provide access to information and opportunities for people with disability and their supporters to reach their full potential.

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Data Diction is an Australian software development company which has been working with Government and community organisations since 1998.

Data Diction supplies database applications, designed, developed and supported in Australia, to well over 100 organisations including Local Government authorities, Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres, Service Providers, and NGOs. 

Family Planning NSW logo

Family Planning NSW is the state's leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services. Family Planning NSW’s mission is to enhance the reproductive, sexual health and rights of everybody. IDEAS partners with Family Planning NSW through specialist information provision to disability support workers, the education sector, parents, carers and people with disability. This supports IDEAS vision of a world where people with disability live full, independent lives of their own choosing. 

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Playgroup Australia is the leading voice for families with children learning through play. Playgroup Australia partners with IDEAS to deliver their vision to support and connect the playgroup community and IDEAS mission to improve the lives of people with disability at every age through disability information that is free, accurate and independent. 

Stroke Recover Association NSW - Reducing the impact of stroke

Stroke Recovery Association NSW advocates for and provides a range of Stroke support and information services and partners with IDEAS to support the fulfilment of our vision of a world where people with disability live full, independent lives of their own choosing.