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 Our vision is a world where people with disability live

full independent lives of their own choosing. 


This month's highlights

Disability rights

Man using sip and puff device.


 Disability Support Pension

Applying for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) can be a daunting and complex task.


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Complaints department.


Complaints and the NDIS Commission

If you are an NDIS participant or supporter, you have the right to complain.


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Trouble making your voice heard? You can apply to have the matter heard by a tribunal.


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COVID news

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lush green rainforest, white sandy beach and emerald blue waves.


 Live in QLD?

Latest COVID-19 rules

for people in Queensland. 


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Sydney harbour bridge.


 Live in NSW?

Latest rules and restrictions

for everyone in NSW. 


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Latest COVID updates for VIC.


 Live in VIC?

Latest COVID-19 restrictions

for people in Victoria.


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