An image of bliss balls stacked on a black plate. They are coated in coconut. A blue floral tablecloth and some flowers are on the right of the photo

A recipe is always fun when you can use it as sensory play. In this recipe, we promise you mess, fun, and healthy bites to snack on.

There are endless variations to bliss ball recipes and what you can include. We give you a simple one to try.

A printed piece of paper with the heading "Meal Plan" has days of the week and columns to place meals. The paper is surrounded by foods like pasta, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nut and spices,

Simplify life and your food budget with a little planning. A common cause of stress in a typical home is: what to eat. Routines can help take the chaos away AND stop last-minute panic or fast-food purchases. It will stop those dreaded moments standing in front of a fridge wondering what you can make into a meal. Making the most of your budget comes from knowing the regular meals you and your family love AND that you find easy to make, so you no longer impulse shop. Plus we have a meal planning template for you to use.

A young girl with down syndrome rests her head against an adult, the girl is eating an orange..

That 3.30 pm hunger attack has been on our minds this week as we stock the pantries to fill growing bellies. Those voracious appetites of our students have returned! Where to start? We have some tummy-fillers that will make your mouth water. From teenagers to toddlers, we hope you find something here to stave off the hunger pangs.

A young lady holding a set of house keys

The excitement of moving into new ‘digs’ may be short-lived when there are the costs to consider.




A young boy lining up a basketball shot

As the new school year begins and extracurricular activities such as sport and art classes are offered, make sure you apply for the different vouchers, rebates and grants offered by the various Governments. NSW has the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers, and other states and territories offer similar incentives. 


A young man reaches his arms down to the road, his legs are wide  as he stretches before a run. He has a prosthetic leg.

Regular health checks can help identify early signs of health issues. The earlier a problem is discovered, the earlier treatment can begin. On top of regular checks that apply to the whole population, some specific checks are essential for men's health.

A woman wearing glasses and a red shirt, holds a pen and is checking some paperwork. In front of her is a white laptop.

In this article, we explain the options for choice of NDIS Plan Management options. 

A woman with disability is signing a document, a business man is showing her where to sign.

This article explains for NDIS participants what a Support Coordinator, Specialist Support Coordinator and Recovery Coach are.

Two women, one with disability seated at a table, looking at the camera. On the table is a notepad and calculator.

This article explains what a Local Area Coordinator is, how they will help you start your NDIS plan, and when your plan is in place.

Waitress wearing a mask outside a cafe

The NSW Government launched the Dine and Discover NSW voucher scheme to encourage the community to get out and about, to support  dining, arts and tourism businesses, and to stimulate spending in the economy.