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Anzac biscuits with vintage typewritten recipe

Anzac biscuits are an institution. Golden and chewy, familiar and comforting.

A white bowl with beff, potato, onion in a curry sauce and garnished with coriander.

Shared at a recent IDEAS staff luncheon, this slow cooker Massaman Curry was a favourite. 

curly haired girl arranges leaves on a sheet of paper

We know you love our regular school holiday features on what is on for kids with disability. This edition has:

  • Returning favourites
  • Some new enjoyable finds
  • Entertaining options
  • And includes some ideas for budget-friendly alternatives.

A table set with a pie dish, cutlery, crockery and a nutmeg, bayleaf and peppercorns. The pie is golden with vegetables showing through some slits, it is garnished with herbs such as thyme.

When the cupboard is empty, it's been a long day, and I need a quick meal with an easy shopping list, this Chicken Pie is my go-to. 

A person wrapped in a chunky grey blanket, holding a cup and hot water bottle in a cover.

In the cooler months, hot drinks, woollen socks and an electric blanket come to mind in preparation for a good night's sleep. The warmth and comfort from a hot water bottle, heat pack or heater are unquestionable, but what about the health and safety risks? 

person wearing blue surgical gloves applies a band-aid to a patient's arm

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has recommended a fourth winter booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for Adults 30- 64 years. A fifth booster is available for selected population groups.

A blue bowl with a brown edge sits on a timber table. Beside it is a spoon. In the bowl is broth, celery, chicken, carrot and onion. A bowl of Chicken soup.

Satisfying and soothing, chicken soup is always a useful recipe in your collection. Fighting colds, feeling unwell, or just for comfort, chicken soup is the essence of feel-good food.

Using a BBQ chicken and purchased stock makes it simple and time-saving. 

A mosquito on human skin with a green background

Health warnings for Japanese Encephalitis are current across NSW and Victoria. New cases have been identified in the NSW- VIC border region. In the last week, Japanese Encephalitis has been detected in pigs in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Mosquitoes spread the virus to humans.

Photography of a deliberately blurred bookshelf, and books, representing low vision.

If you are new to the disability sector and want to learn more about reaching customers with low vision, this article gives you simple things you can do to make a difference.

Whether printing a newsletter, having content on your website or even a flyer, these 5 top tips are a starting point to help your message be loud and clear for people with low vision.

A top down photo of a bowl of curry, with sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower, peas and beans.

Slow cookers aren’t limited to cool weather. They save you time and energy standing over a hot stove in the heat of summer or when autumn days are still warm. Using a slow cooker for this recipe makes it a low prep weekday dinner that you can come home to. Vegan-friendly and hearty but light, this recipe makes quite a quantity. Freeze leftovers for another time. You will find the sweet potato breaks down and thickens the sauce nicely.