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Roll up, roll up! Here is the latest access and inclusion guide for the Sydney Royal Easter Show! Info on parking, transport, accessible toilets, ticketing and carnival rides! 

All facilities at Sydney Showground have been designed to ensure accessibility for all patrons, including wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.

The Show is a fun place to be with a hive of activity, but people with a disability and their families or supporters may have to plan their day more carefully. 

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Pre-book online

Roll up, roll up! Buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be purchased online.  Special rates and ticket types apply to people with disability with a valid Vision Impaired Person's (VIP) pass or Companion Card which enables people with disability to attend with a carer for no extra cost. 

Visit Ticketmaster to buy your tickets.

When to go

Busiest days - crowds may be overwhelming.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is from 6-17 April 2023. The busier days of the Show are over the Easter long weekend (Good Friday to Easter Monday) and with the high volume of people, the noise onsite increases. Some people with physical disabilities, including wheelchair or mobility aid users, or people with invisible disabilities such as autism may find the environment more challenging.

The Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) encourages people to bring their own noise cancellation headphones, earplugs or devices to help people who are unable to cope with the noise generated at busy places and amusement rides. The RAS can also provide noise cancellation earplugs, available from the Customer Service Centre on Showground Road if you forget to bring your own.

Best days to avoid the crowds.

Everyone is welcome at the Show any and every day. However, if you need less stimulation or more space, the quieter and calmer days are likely to be:

  • Thursday, 6 April, please note that there are School Excursions taking place on this day as part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show education program
  • Tuesday, 11 April 
  • Wednesday, 12 April 
  • Thursday, 13 April
  • Monday, 17 April, please note that it’s Kids’ Day and 2 for 1 rides whilst most traffic is in the carnivals it's good to keep this in mind, Person With Disability (PWD) tickets are also 50% off on this day

Plan Your Day

Use the map

The Accessibility Show map can help you plan your day around your access needs and interests. There is a lot of walking or rolling involved as the Showground is a very big place. Try not to double back too much and stick to parts of the grounds that have accessible amenities nearby (if you need them) and use the following guide on when and where the quiet times and spaces will be if crowds are a sensory or practical issue for you!

Shhh… Some quieter spaces and times

  • A Quiet Room is located at the Members Entrance gate on Showground Road, near Sydney Olympic Park train station
  • The Arts & Crafts Pavilion is a quiet zone with locations for taking a seat or viewing the gallery
  • The Paddock with wide-open green spaces to relax is a fantastic place to find the shade of a tree to have a picnic
  • On the corner of Hawkesbury Street and New England Ave, opposite the horse office are some picnic tables and you can watch the horses relaxing
  • The Showbag Pavilion is a Show tradition and it is quieter in the mornings. 
  • The Woolworths Fresh Food Dome is quieter in the afternoon and evening unless it’s raining

You can find these locations via the Accessibility Show map or by asking staff for directions. 


All parking stations in Sydney Olympic Park are managed by Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA). Pre-booking of parking is recommended and must be done before the day of the event.

Please note, there is no option to pre-book an accessible parking spot. On entry into the carpark, you will be able to make your way to an accessible parking spot. If parking within a disability bay, a valid Mobility Parking Scheme permit must be visible. The parking lots closest to Showground access are P1 or P8.

For more information on parking please click here.

Drop off and pick up zones

Patrons can also be dropped off on Dawn Fraser Avenue from Olympic Boulevard to Edwin Flack Ave, where it is a short distance to the main entrance of the Sydney Royal Easter Show (located on Olympic Boulevard). Please note there is no parking or waiting available at these locations.

Group transport for people with accessibility needs may use the street parking on Dawn Fraser Avenue (subject to availability).

Public Transport

With plenty of extra trains and Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses running regularly throughout the Show, it is easy to get to the Show and back by public transport. 

Details on extra services and transport options will be available at transportnsw.info. Not all special event public bus services are accessible. You can check the timetable for accessible services on the Transport NSW Trip Planner.

Accessible toilets

Toilets with greater accessibility are located around the grounds - they are within all permanent structures and additional portable options are also available. To find the locations of these toilets view the Accessibility Show Map or ask for a copy of the map at the entry or at an information point.  

There are accessible toilets listed on the map at the following locations.

  • Near the Main Entry, and in front of the Paddock and Tucker Box areas off Olympic Boulevard.
  • Inside the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome
  • At the GIANTS stadium off Hawkesbury St near the Kids' Street.
  • At the Stables off Hawkesbury St, opposite the GIANTS stadium. 
  • On the other side of the GIANTS stadium, near the Little Big Top Amphitheatere. This includes an Adult Changing Place facility. 
  • In the Flower and Garden pavilion on Showground Road (opposite the Paddock).
  • In the Showbag, Pet and Home and Lifestyle pavilions (between Riverina Ave and Murray Rose Ave, near the Olympic Park Railway station).
  • Near the entry to the Carnival precinct off Australia Ave.
  • At the Farmyard Nursery at the corner of New England Ave and Olympic Boulevard (adjacent to the Riverina Fresh Working Dairy). There are also some picnic tables here. 

Further public toilets within the Sydney Olympic Park precinct can also be found on the National Public Toilet Map

Equipment hire

Mobility equipment available for hire during the Sydney Royal Easter Show includes:

  • Medium Scooter: $110
  • Large Scooter: $110
  • Bariatric Wheelchair: $50
  • Standard Wheelchair: $50
  • Single Stroller: $30
  • Twin Stroller: $50

All card transactions are subject to a 1.5% transaction fee. Members of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW receive a 10% discount on the hire of scooters and wheelchairs, to find out more about becoming a member click here.

How to book

Mobility equipment should be pre-booked online, at showlockers.com.au Bookings are available to be made on the day at the Show Mobility marquee located on Olympic Boulevard, but is subject to availability. Please note, the hire of all equipment will require a valid credit card. 

Cancellation Policy for Show Mobility equipment hire

If it is necessary to cancel your online booking, a full refund will be made if Show Mobility are advised by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the day you have booked.

Terms and Conditions of hire 

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of hire for the equipment you have selected which are located on the online booking form. You can also access the manual for your equipment within the Terms and Conditions section in the booking form to ensure that the equipment is suitable for your needs and that you are confident in its operation.


For information prior to attending the event, please see  showlockers.com.au or email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For any issues on the day of hire, please call 0423 168 955.

Wheelchair bays and accessible seating

Within all permanent and temporary stadiums, there are allocated wheelchair bays or accessible seating areas. This includes GIANTS Stadium, Charles Moses Stadium and The Little Big Top Amphitheatre. All stadiums and buildings are also accessible by ramps or elevators (e.g The Stables and GIANTS Stadium) to each level.

Carnival Rides

Each individual carnival ride has set guidelines of usage that need to be adhered to at all times. Should these guidelines be met by the patrons, carnival operators are available at all times to assist with access. This means, that depending on your disability and the way the ride is set up, you may or may not be able to access the carnival rides. 

Please note that KIIS Eye is accessible to individuals in wheelchairs.

PWD Tickets (Companion passes)

Show Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketmaster

When purchasing a Person with a Disability Ticket, should you have a Companion Card and/or Vision Impaired + Attendant card, you will be able to obtain a complimentary ticket for your companion with your PWD Ticket purchase. Person with a Disability Ticket holders who also require a carer's ticket are available to those issued with acceptable identification.

  • All Day Tickets
  • Reserve Seat Package Tickets

You can purchase your Person with a Disability Ticket and Companion Card Ticket online through Ticketmaster. 

If you would like to purchase a Person with a Disability Reserve Seat Ticket Package please contact the Sydney Royal Easter Show Call Centre by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also by phone from 6 March on 02 9704 1000. 

The Sydney Royal Easter Show recognises the following cards as evidence for the purchase of this type of Person with a Disability Ticket:
Vision Impaired Persons Pass (VIP) with reference to the words 'Plus Attendant' Companion Card which is issued by your state government.

These cards entitle a carer to enter the Show for free with a person with a disability. The person with a disability must present their valid card at point of purchase or gate entry for their attendant to enter for free.

For more information regarding the NSW Companion Card, visit the NSW Companion Card website or call 1800 893 044 or for more information on the Vision Impaired Person (VIP) Pass visit the Transport NSW website or call 131 500.

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