Accessibility Tools

Image of maps, notebook and passport on a desktop with laptop, phone and coffee mug.

Travelling with a disability can feel overwhelming but be a rewarding experience. Travellers with a disability need to do a lot more research and planning in order to take a trip. Did you know IDEAS can assist you to find information when you are planning your travel?

Some examples of how our Information Officers have helped IDEAS customers in the past:

  • Tips to search our database of accessible accommodation
  • Sourcing photos of access facilities in accommodation
  • Travel agents specialising in accessibility
  • Equipment hire
  • Accessible group accommodation
  • Service providers who offer holidays
  • Short term accommodation
  • Accessible cruises
  • Accessible adventure sports and activities
  • Accessible houseboats
  • Properties with ceiling hoists
  • Accessible glamping

We are able to point you to resources such as:

  • Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Phrasebook
  • Facebook groups to join on accessible travel
  • Accessible Travel blogs
  • International Peak bodies on accessible tourism

And we love to hear your stories, recommendations, and experiences too!

IDEAS is an organisation that serves people with disabilities to help them live full, independent lives, with information and education.