Accessibility Tools

Graphic of a person in a wheelchair in front of a ramp a steps

People with disability face barriers to travel every day. IDEAS is here to provide information that supports your travel decision-making, based on your individual needs.

Imagine getting to your dream destination, checking into your accommodation and going to your room only to find a brick wall instead of a door. How can you possibly enter? Stairs, even a single step, narrow doorways, steep inclines, no lifts, no warning lines on stairs, a language that is technical or difficult to understand, no audio version of written text, lack of appropriate transport, microwaves out of reach, alarms that are audio-only, misunderstandings on clear space in bathrooms... These are common barriers, along with social and attitudinal barriers. Let's remember that not all disabilities are visible, just 4.4% of people with disabilities are wheelchair users. In fact, 90% of Australians living with disability have an 'Invisible Disability' conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), hearing loss, diabetes, cancer and epilepsy.  

IDEAS is helping to break down the barriers in relation to access to information, and in the tourism space, the priority is for accurate and verified information. Door widths, number of steps, and measurements of clear turning circles, are just some of the features that IDEAS captures in regards to accessible tourism. In addition to this, clear photographs, showing features, are requested for each record to give a true representation on access and suitability – allowing travellers to make informed choices.  

IDEAS does not charge, meaning our information is independent, we are here to support you.  We also support travel agents or industry representatives who seek accessible information on behalf of people with disability. We give you the choice, based on your needs.  Included in our listings are over 800 accommodation records with detailed accessibility notes for properties Australia-wide. A quick tip is to use the IDEAS search function for “Accessible Accommodation” at your desired destination. We are adding new listings as information comes to us, to improve the options available to you. At IDEAS, we do information so you can do life. 


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