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Artists with a disability in Australia and New Zealand have now been given the opportunity to showcase their work via a new festival. Alter State is a Disability Arts Festival set to take the major arts world by storm, taking place in Melbourne, Victoria.

Alter State Disability Arts Festival: Coming September 2022

Alter State is a one of a kind Disability Arts Festival, with Artists being given the opportunity to tell stories to the public centred around their lived experience of disability. Set to open a launch week in November, the festival is scheduled to begin in September 2022. Not only will there be art and performances a-plenty but talks and workshops will be a highlight throughout the festival, all art in the festival is from Australian or Aotearoa artists with Disabilities. 

One of the foundation artists and festival developers, Joshua Pether, sees the festival as not only a wonderful platform for artists with disability but also a unique space they can start important conversations. In Pether's words, the festival aims to spark dialogue about what we want to see for the future of our community, building on conversations and deepening our practice whilst also applying that to the work we create.

Alter State

Not only are new conversations surrounding Disability and Art important, but showcasing the talent of these artists is also key. With Victoria being in lockdown for a large part of the last year, it is an important and encouraging event for not only the public attending but the artists involved. Alter State will provide a soft launch in November, with the entire festival program beginning in September 2022. More information is yet to be released and will be available to the public early September 2021. 

Important announcements and event information can be found on the Arts Centre Melbourne website.

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