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Using animals as companions is a concept that has been around for quite some time. Did you know they are especially helpful for people with disabilities too? Not only can you call them a friend, but they can make your daily routine and life a lot easier! Read on to find out all the reasons why animals truly are the best at lending a helping paw.

When people think animals and people with disability, most will automatically think of seeing eye dogs. This is a well known use of animals for people with disability, and has been a game changer for blind or vision impaired people. The existence of these types of animals allow those who use them to go about their lives in a more independent and confident manner. Sometimes we use animals to assist us in a official way, such as above. Other times in can be in an unofficial capacity. Lets look a little closer at those.

Provide Companionship

Form some, their pets are considered a part of their family and play an equal role in the makeup of it. The bond between animals and humans is increasing as the years go on and many are taking up the option to buy or adopt a furry friend. There are proven health benefits of having these little guys around, including decreased stress and an increased sense of unity and happiness within the home envioronment. For those who struggle with disabilities such as anxiety or perhaps Autism, the presence of a furry friend could be a great help. Animals are able to infleunce our emotional state, bringing us a sense of calm in high anxiety moments or an opportunity to ground ourselves when distressed. 

Helps with Routine

Having structure and developing positive habits assists everyone. In terms of disability, those on the Autism Spectrum in particular can benefit from routine. Looking after an animal or two can really ensure that there is a consistent and steady framework in your life. Setting up structure, and maintaining it can be crucial to the positive development of those on the spectrum, so pets could be considered extremely helpful in such a situation. You will need to remember to feed them, bath them, toilet them and take them for walks... and your pet will certainly let you know if you have missed anything! This can also get you up and moving, allowing you to complete small, manageable tasks consistely. This may prove beneficial for those with depression or mood disorders. 

Gets you Active 

There is nothing quite like a pet that has missed their daily walk, they will certainly let you know. Do you struggle with getting out and about? Perhaps you need a bit of motivation to get your body moving as much as you can everyday? That is where pets come into play. Whether it is Monday, Sunday or a Public Holiday pets need their exercise, and you as their owner are in charge of making sure it happens. Whether it is a long run in the park with your puppy or a quick front yard play with your cat in the sun... both are allowing you to move your body and see the sun. This has the potential to improve your mood and your physical health, not to mention your little furry friend will love you for it.

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