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A image of the Book Penguin Bloom. The cover is in black and white. A young boy layin gon his back ina furry suit. HE hold on his chest a magpie who is grasping his hands with her claws.

This story is a photographic journey, coupled with an authentic narrative. In the beginning, the Bloom family believed they were rescuing an abandoned magpie chick. Along the way, they realised that "Penguin" was helping save them.

"Angels come in all shapes and sizes."

Penguin is a magpie with a human family.

A painful story; the aftermath of a shocking accident shared freely within the pages. Adapting to life with a spinal injury, paralysis, and change. It does not shy away from the incredible connection an injured baby magpie and a human family can have, or the healing bond formed during an intense time. 

The antics of Penguin alongside her family make for a book bursting with charm through photographic imagery. Tinged with sadness, the pictures parallel to the text are a delight. Expressive, heartwrenching and hopeful.

"Penguin Bloom - The odd little bird who saved a family" by Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Grieve was a winner in the 2017 Australian Book Industry Awards for Illustrated book of the year.

Sequel, "Sam Bloom - Heartache and Birdsong" released in September 2020.

Penguin Bloom is now a motion picture released January 21, 2021, in Australia.

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Published by ABC Books
March 2016
208 pages

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