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There are so many services funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme that it can be hard to keep track. One important, and unique support comes under the title: Recovery Coaching. 

What is it?

Recovery Coaching is a service funded by the NDIS for those who have a psychosocial disability, meaning your disability is related to your mental health.  So what can a recovery coach offer? Well, they exist to assist you with your wellbeing and goals. This support is personalised, so not everyones support is the same. Examples of things a Recovery Coach may assist you with include:

  • Developing a recovery plan
  • Empower and understand you as an individual
  • Teach you self-compassion, self care and grit
  • Help you to engage with and coordinate other levels of support in your life
  • Assist you with everything NDIS related
  • Focus on a person centred, recovery-orientated approach 

Personal, Lived Experience:

Recovery Coaching is a person centred, unique approach to recovery and should be looked at as a journey. There are many different organisations that provide Recovery Coaching, such as One Good Day. The individualised recovery model should be at the core of every organistion that provides Recovery Coaching. Due to the nature of Psychosocial Disability it is important that you engage with a provider who is understanding and knowlegable in the area. You may find that many Recovery Coaches have personal, lived experience of Psychosocial Disability or have been a carer for someone with a mental illness. Uani, a Recovery Coach from One Good Day, tells her story here.   

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As always, it is important to do your research and find a Recovery Coach which is the right fit for you, and your circumstances. Open up the discussion with multiple organisations about what they can offer you, what they value and how they will help you achieve your goals. More resources are available to help assist you in your decision making process below:

National Disability Insurance Scheme 

Phone: 1800 800 110
Web: www.ndis.gov.au
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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