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The way the NDIS is processing participant reimbursements is changing for plan-managed participants. Your plan managers and support network should be aware of this change.

What Has Changed?

The NDIS has announced that Plan Managers must be given the ABN of involved participants NDIS Providers. This covers all payments, including reimbursements. For those who send invoices directly to a Plan Manager, the providers ABN must be clearly included on each invoice. 

Exemptions Under ATO Rules

Some NDIS providers may not have to declare an ABN under Australian Taxation Office rules. Examples of possible exemptions can be found here. You may need to withhold a percentage of the payments if the supplier is not able to or will not provide their ABN. In these cases providers can fill out a Statement by Supplier Form to explain reasons why, and in some cases the payer will not be required to withold part of the payments. Open up the discussion with your Plan Manager provider to ensure all parties are on the same page. 

More Information

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