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In this article, we explain the options for choice of NDIS Plan Management options. 

Plan Manager

When you have an NDIS plan, someone must manage the plan. There are Self-Managed Plans, Agency Managed Plans, and Plan Managed. You can choose a combination of management options.

Contact your LAC about the responsibilities if you are not sure.


Self-management is when you are responsible for the management of your NDIS funding.

  • You have the choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your plan goals.
  • You are flexible in choosing your providers.
  • You can employ or contract staff directly.
  • You can negotiate the costs of your supports.
  • You track your spending and do the financial reporting.

Plan Managed

If you chose to have your plan managed by a Plan Manager, it is the Plan manager who pays your providers for supports. They help you to keep track of your funds and do the financial reporting for you.

NDIA Managed

This is also called Agency Managed.

The NDIS will directly manage your bookkeeping and records of spending. You can only use NDIS registered providers.

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