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Concept photo of court. Four wooden figures representing a family are split into two groups, the parents are separate from the children. Behind them is a gavel. It is used in a courtroom.

The Bumpy Road is a website with Easy English Resources about Community Services in NSW. It uses simple language to help you understand your rights. There are videos to watch.

The Bumpy Road is for parents who deal with child protection services.

You can learn about

  • Your rights
  • Who can help
  • Community Services NSW
  • Child Protection Services
  • Court in NSW
  • Parent stories
  • Meeting a lawyer
  • Going to Court
  • Legal help
  • Advocates
  • Support Person
  • Your Child
  • Care Plans
  • Seeing your child
  • Foster Care
  • How to parent well
  • You can ask for help

The website has information from parents with experience.

It has links to other websites.

It has pages to print.

Bumpy Road

Web: bumpyroad.org.au
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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