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White text reads "Growing Up Disabled in Australia" over a thick repetitious brush strokes and paint spatters in pinks, greens and and yellows. Yellow text at bottom reads "Edited by Carly Findlay".

One in five Australians has a disability. And disability presents itself in many ways. Yet disabled people are still underrepresented in the media and in literature. In Growing Up Disabled in Australia – compiled by writer and appearance activist Carly Findlay OAM – more than forty writers with a disability or chronic illness share their stories, in their own words. 

This anthology has been compiled to capture a wide range of voices, views, disabilities and life experiences under the social model of disability, which focuses on barriers to access and inclusion in society, from attitudinal and ablest rhetoric to physical barriers like steps. 

Contributors include senator Jordon Steele-John, Paralympian Isis Holt, Dion Beasley, Sam Drummond, Astrid Edwards, Sarah Firth, El Gibbs, Eliza Hull, Gayle Kennedy, Carly-Jay Metcalfe, Fiona Murphy, Jessica Walton and many more.

Growing Up Disabled in Australia is the fifth book in the highly acclaimed, bestselling Growing Up series.

You can read an extract from the book here

This book is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. Published by Black Inc. 

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