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A blue back bacground with an image of a book cover. Am man silhouetted against water and sky. With the words "Book Review: Living well with Chronic Pain A 5 step plan"
Living Well with Chronic Pain is written by Christopher J Fallon, and he shares the steps to help you live with chronic pain.
Chronic pain usually lasts more than 6 months and, for some, can be lifelong. Pain can be something that people live with every day. Chronic pain can affect lives and wellbeing to the point of losing families, energy, homes and lifestyles. Chronic pain is usually a result of an accident, injury or illness and then for some people, the reason can be unknown. Even with medical treatment, the pain still persists.
Christopher shares the stats that 1 in 5 people in Australia suffers from some degree of chronic pain, and if you are one of these people living with pain, this book is worth a read. Christopher shares with you how he now lives a happy, healthy life with chronic pain. It’s not about finding a cure. It’s about changing your mindset and outlook on life to help you live happily. Rather than the pain eating away at your life and bringing you down, this book helps you to be happy, smile and enjoy every day even with chronic pain.
Published 2014
Available as a Kindle
66 pages

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