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Newly launched, is CID's Visibility Podcast. A space for people with Intellectual disability to share their stories, have a voice and be heard. The aim of the podcast is to discuss topical issues and build a more understanding and inclusive society. 

The series fronts issues like relationships, health, and the NDIS to name a few. 

Each month CID will talk to a person with intellectual disability, Series 1 is the Relationships series, and explores topics like love, sex, dating, dating apps, families and parenting, 

Hosted by Adele, these discussions look at the challenges facing people with intellectual disability as well as sharing the successes, joys, interests, journeys and life insights of interviewees.

As host, Adele hopes to reveal not only the things that make us all unique, but also the things that we all share and that unite us.

Listen here: Visibility

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