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An image of a car dashboard, close up of the Fuel Gauge, which is showing empty and the fuel indicator light in on.

The costs of petrol and filling up your car can be a big part of your weekly budget. Petrol prices move up and down in regular patterns or cycles. The cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol can change from cycle to cycle. If a public holiday occurs soon then phases will alter again. Across Australia we are experiencing higher than usual fuel prices at the moment, IDEAS has tips to help you save - every drop counts. 

An effective way to monitor fuel prices is to save a fuel app on your desktop or smartphone.

Some use government data for information, and some use crowdsourced information from users, and some a combination of both.

Pay from your car

Not necessarily how to save on fuel costs, this handy hint is that some stations now allow you to pay from your car.

If you would prefer to pay from your vehicle, apps like BPme lets you pay contactless from your car through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal.

Caltex App also offers contactless payments via apple pay.

Pay at Pump is a feature at most Shell service stations. This uses Apple Pay, Android Pay or Paypal. 

To find cheap fuel 

National Coverage

Fuel Map This app also has a fuel log to keep track of your purchases and economy.
Fuel Price Australia
Pumped Fuel Fuel Prices are currently available  throughout NSW, WA, Qld, SA, Tasmania & NT in Australia only
Servo Track (Find cheap fuel prices in NSW, QLD and WA)
Simples Fuel
Vroom Fuel Price Compare (QLD, NSW, and WA)

State By State

Fuel Check NSW
My Fuel NT
Fair Fuel ( RACQ )
Fuel Check Tas

Station Based Apps

7 Eleven offer a Fuel lock in their app. You can search 7 eleven stores in your area to find the best local price on their fuel. Then you can lock it in for 7 days. When you fill up, you scan your MyCard at the counter to redeem the locked in fuel price.

Other ways to save

Rewards Cards

Stores Like Coles and Woolworths have rewards programs that with qualifying transactions offer discounted fuel vouchers.


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