IDEAS stands for Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Servies. IDEAS' purpose is to provide access to information and opportunities for people with disabilities, their supporters and the community to reach their full potential

So you can make independent and informed decisions, we will:

  • Be here when you phone, text or email us between Monday and Friday 8 am-8 pm
  • Listen carefully and ask questions so we really understand
  • Use our connections to find things out, check the facts, and organise the information for you
  • Make sure the information we give you is clear and accessible

You can also search our website to find useful information. Everything we do is guided by people with disability. It’s all free, and we won’t try to sell you things.

Connect today. 

Phone: 1800 029 904
Text: 0458 296 602
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do IDEAS help people with disability, their carers and supporters?

Please watch the below video to understand how our information team works to get the right verified information for you for free.This also talks about the publications that we offer to our customers.


IDEAS' services and resources include

Disability Information Service

The Information Line is a free phone service staffed by friendly, expert Information Officers between 8 am-8 pm Monday - Friday. Straightforward or complex, our team will do the work to follow through and get your answers. You can also go online and feel confident in your own search of our database and resources. We constantly source the latest disability information to double-check it's accurate and up to date.

Since April 2020, IDEAS has been the front-line for the Government response to COVID-19, through the COVID-19 Disability Information Helpline, supporting people with disability with the information they need.

Community Engagement

We travel across the country to connect with people, speaking at community forums and events. We work in partnership with organisations, train workers about disability awareness and inclusion, and answer inquiries from people with disability. 

Community Connectors

IDEAS are providing services as part of the new National Community Connector Program (NCCP), developed as a response to the under-representation of many diverse population groups receiving and properly utilising NDIS funding, due to a combination of cultural, social, economic and discriminatory barriers.

Read more: CALD Community Connectors

PossABLE Advocacy

IDEAS is funded through the NSW Department of Communities and Justice to deliver individual advocacy in South West and South East Sydney and the Southern Region of NSW.

Read more: PossABLE Advocacy


Together with community partners, we are involved in a range of projects in line with our vision:

“I was struggling to get [my business] off the ground, and needed assistance on some really left field stuff like electronic pattern making, that I could use, and detailed supports for getting ready for manufacture.

The Information Officer really worked hard for me and connected me with just the right people.

Showing [my designs] at the Melbourne Fashion Week was something I wanted to share with the people who assisted me along the way”.

- Nikki from Blind Grit.  

Resources and Research

  • Newsletter: We mail out a bi-monthly roundup of the latest information and trends. Each issue features a theme of interest to people with disability. It's available in large print by mail. online, via email and also audio. 
  • e-News: We produce a periodical update on what's new in the disability sector. It's available on our website and also emailed out to our subscribers. 
  • Database: The IDEAS database is at the core of our customer service. We hold over 50,000 data records that our Information Officers use daily to answer your inquiries. 
  • Features: From time to time IDEAS publishes more in-depth information about particular issues. Publications available include Inclusive Tourism IDEAS, Accessible Telecoms and NDIS Planning Guides. 

Sit back and enjoy a short video on our Customer Journey

"When I phone for advice whoever takes the call is always downright welcoming and knowledgeable, making every effort to help. They never fail to pay attention." 

customer journey with IDEAS. Flow chart begins with confused customer, who connects to an IDEAS Info officer. The Info Officer does research, using the IDEAS database, their prior knowledge and the internet, then we contact the service to ensure info and connect the customer to the service, Then we contact customer with the information, be it a list of services, phone numbers and contact names or fact-sheets links or information, Customer then chooses and contacts a service, the service is recieved, and then follow up, where we check that the customer is happy and finally, a happy customer.