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A pink and green image with a central point and blurring outward from the point. Concept photo of a migraine.

Migraine and Headache Awareness week is 19-23rd September 2022. Read on to find out about online sessions during the week. We also cover general information and apps and diaries to help track migraines and headaches.

Migraine is a complex genetic neurological disorder that affects up to 1 in 5 people. It is a spectrum disorder, rendering some completely incapacitated during an attack. Others can live relatively normal lives with only the occasional attack. Migraine is an invisible disability, not a temporary condition, nor something that will go away. There is not yet a cure developed for migraine, however, in most cases, it can be managed.

Headache is a common pain. There are 3 common types of headaches, these are

  • tension-type headaches,
  • cluster headaches, and
  • sinus headaches (also called rhinosinusitis headache).

You can read about other different types of headaches here.

Migraine & Headache Australia is the only organization in Australia that aims to support the more than 6 million Australians affected by headache and migraine. Migraine & Headache Australia is a division of the Brain Foundation. Migraine and Headache Awareness Week features:

There will be a live webinar each evening from Mon-Thu at 7:30 pm (Eastern Time). On Friday there will be a webinar around lunchtime.Topics, speakers and schedule details will be announced in the coming weeks and will be shared via email and social media once released on the website.

Join the National Headache Register if you suffer chronic headaches or migraines. It’s free, anonymous and will allow you to attend Migraine & Headache Awareness Week 2021. For more information and registration, visit Migraine and Headache awareness week.

If you are new to migraines and headaches, you can try a number of useful apps to track your symptoms and beware of triggers. Migraine Buddy is generally known as one of the best. You can read more about Migraine Diaries and Apps at Migraine Australia or at Headache and Migraine Diaries.

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