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A booklet cover in aqua has a senior man and young child together. The words "The Dementia Guide".

The Dementia Guide is an important resource for any person impacted by any form of dementia, of any age. The Dementia Guide can help anyone learn about dementia and the treatments, support and services available.

The Dementia Guide may also be useful to the friends, families and carers of people living with dementia, as it contains information about the impact dementia may have on a person, the treatment, support and services they may need, as well as for anyone taking on a caring role.

This publication contains information and general advice. It should not substitute personalised advice from a qualified professional.  It can help you work through planning stages.

You can download a free digital version or order a printed copy of the Dementia Guide. You can also read and focus on individual chapters and sections that are relevant to you. 

Order a paperback copy of the Dementia Guide

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Sections - 

About Dementia

What is dementia? Who gets dementia? What causes dementia? How does dementia affect younger people? And how does dementia progress?

Understanding your diagnosis

Recognising your feelings, learning more about dementia, and telling people about your diagnosis.

Healthcare team and treatments

Building your healthcare team, understanding your treatment options, and treating depression and anxiety.  

Planning for the future

Driving, working legal matters, financial management, government support, advanced care planning.

Living Well

Coping with changes, reducing stress, maintaining communication, navigating changed relationships, living at home, travelling safely, and staying healthy and active.

Support for people with dementia

My Aged Care, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), support coordination and other services from Dementia Australia, and local services.

Dementia Australia Services

Information services, support services, and education services.

Residential Care

Identifying the right time, choosing a residential care facility, understanding fees and costs, getting financial assistance, making the move, managing visits from family and friends, and protecting your quality of care. 

Later stages of dementia

Understanding palliative care. 


This section offers a checklist of things to help you to live well now and make plans for the future.

Support and Infomation for Carers

Getting emotional support, getting practical support, looking after your health and wellbeing, supporting a person with dementia, coping with changes in behaviour, and managing grief and bereavement.


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