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If you are having trouble making your voice heard with a government department, real estate or business, you can apply to have the matter heard by a tribunal.

Tribunals can make decisions that are enforceable by law. In NSW, there are 2 types of tribunals.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

1. The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). NCAT focuses on state matters like

  • consumer claims
  • tenancy
  • guardianship
  • discrimination
  • and state/local government administrative decisions. 

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

2. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT focuses on federal matters like

  • NDIS
  • Child support
  • compensation
  • visa-related decisions, and
  • taxation

Both the NCAT and AAT can help you by working through the issues you have to reach an agreement or resolution with the other party. They are informal settings, and you generally don’t need legal representation. 

A disability advocate can help you apply and prepare for a tribunal and support you through the process.

Use the Australian Government Disability Advocacy Finder or Find an Advocate through Disability Advocacy Network Australia to find an advocate near you.

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