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We want to share some of the ways our PossABLE Advocates have supported, changed lives and advocated for people with disability. This is *Daniel's Story.

*Name changed for confidentiality.

Daniel is a young man in his early twenties who had not left his house for over 12 months due to severe anxiety. Daniel lived with his mother.

Daniel initially called for help with his Centrelink obligations. Daniel was required to engage with a Job Network provider to continue to be supported by Centrelink. Daniel was very overwhelmed at the general paperwork. Also with the online contact methods, and the face-to-face engagement necessary to meet his obligations.

The advocate assisted him with understanding his requirements. She helped him learn how to use the online portal, and she assisted him with making contact with his Job Network Provider. The advocate even attended the face to face meeting with his Job Network Provider. Daniel was very grateful to have someone who understood what was going on and who could re-phrase in simple terms what his obligations were.

The advocate assisted Daniel in articulating what he wanted out of a job. He was very specific. He wanted to work as a car detailer. He loved cars, and he took great pride in detailing them. The consultant at the Job Network Provider spoke very quickly, and Daniel had trouble understanding her and following her. The advocate was able to guide the conversation and help the Job Network consultant understand how overwhelming it was for Daniel to be there.

Shortly after the meeting, the Job Network Consultant phoned the advocate (because it was too overwhelming for Daniel to take the call). She explained that she had found a sole trader looking for someone to train and help with his small car detailing business. Daniel was overjoyed! The only hitch was that he would have to move out of town to take the job because it was over an hour away from where he lived.

Again, the advocate helped Daniel look for accommodation, and he ended up finding a share house that suited his needs. Daniel started working for the car detailer. And as anxious as he was, he loved his new job and even his newfound independence. With each day, Daniel grew more confident in dealing with people and his own skills as a car detailer.

After about 12 months of working for the sole trader, Daniel joined the Centrelink program that helped individuals start up their own businesses. Called the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. As a result, Daniel now runs his own car detailing business and is very happy in life.

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