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A womans hand is operating the power controls of her electric wheelchair.

We want to share some of the ways our PossABLE Advocates have supported, changed lives and advocated for people with disability. This is *Daria's Story.

*Name changed for confidentiality.

Daria is in her mid-thirties and has Friedreich's Ataxia. Daria uses a wheelchair and has issues with her speech.

Daria booked a flight to the UK with her husband with what she thought was comprehensive travel insurance. However, Daria was concerned she would be uncomfortable on a flight that long so she decided to book a flight to Adelaide as a test. 

During the flight to Adelaide, and manual lifting on the plane, Daria was injured in the airline company’s wheelchair. Daria decided to cancel her UK flight and recoup the fare through travel insurance.

The Travel Insurance company rejected the claim. Unfortunately, this left Daria $3200 out of pocket. Confused with the decision, Daria contacted PossABLE Advocacy for guidance on how to appeal the rejection.

The Advocate reviewed the travel insurance company’s Product Disclosure Statement. The PDS identified Daria should have undergone a medical assessment during the purchasing process for insurance and been offered additional insurance cover due to her disability.

The Advocate confirmed the medical assessment had not been completed with the Travel Agent.

A written appeal was submitted with the help of the Advocate to the Travel Insurance Company. The appeal outlined the absence of the medical assessment and the fact extra insurances were not offered due to Daria’s disability.

After 3 weeks, a Dispute Resolution Officer (DSO) from the travel insurance company contacted the Advocate to outline their decision. The DSO had contacted the travel agent, and they say that Daria was offered additional cover, which she declined. The DSO informed the Advocate that the decision to reject Daria’s claim would stand. The Advocate queried how a decision was made without speaking with the customer and the Insurance company. The DSO stated it was not required.

The Advocate informed the DSO that if further investigation in the matter did not take place a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority would be submitted.

To follow up, the Advocate then emailed the DSO requesting a detailed outline of their decision. Several days later, the DSO’s supervisor replied, outlining Daria’s travel insurance claim was accepted, and they would direct deposit the funds to her bank account.

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