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The Disability Royal Commission will reconvene this month. Public hearing 32 will investigate the policies and procedures of disability service providers to prevent violence, abuse and exploitation of people with disability using their services. 

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Content Warning 

Some of the stories and information below may contain details of abuse, neglect and mistreatment of people with disabilities. If this content causes you distress, you can find help here.

How can I attend? 

The Royal Commission is holding a public hearing from 13 to 17 February 2023 at Level 5, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane.

This hearing is open to the public and live-streamed.

The live stream and video recordings include Auslan, captions and audio-only options. Transcripts will be available in PDF and DOCX formats.

What is it about?

The hearing examines whether the policies and practices of disability service providers prevent violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability and deliver high-quality and safe services. The hearing will also examine best practice responses to incidents or allegations of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability using disability services.

The hearing will inquire into

  • the extent to which people with disability using disability services have choice and control in the way those services are delivered (including in respect of matters such as where and with whom they live)

  • how service providers are implementing supported decision making

  • the circumstances in which service users self-advocate and have access to independent advocacy where required, or do both.  

  • the extent to which service providers give effect to inclusive design principles in all aspects of their services

  • the extent to which service providers deliver services in a culturally responsive and trauma-informed manner

  • how the policies and regulations governing the disability support workforce, including in relation to remuneration, conditions, training and worker screening arrangements, support the provision of high-quality disability services

  • how internal governance arrangements of disability service providers can reduce risks of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of service users

  • best practice management of complaints and incidents, including dispute resolution processes and redress.

Live stream

This live stream/recording has closed captions and Auslan translations. In addition, there is an audio-only stream option. Recordings can be accessed by clicking on Event Posts in the top right-hand corner of the video frame.

Video Recordings

Check the Disability Royal Commission YouTube channel for the latest video recordings, or use the Event Post side menu in the Livestream frame above.

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Media coverage

13 February 2023

Disability Royal Commission

Media Release: Wrap-up examination of disability service providers commences today

The Royal Commission will wrap-up its examination of disability service providers in its next public hearing. The hearing will examine the themes heard from people with disability and inquire into how service providers can prevent violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation occurring in the future.

14 February 2023

ABC News

Parents of 11yo autistic boy grieve his 'entirely preventable' death in care of Civic Disability Services

When her 11-year-old son Alex died almost five years ago, Sharon Braverman said she lost her life's purpose. "It's worse than anything I can imagine … the pain is just underneath the rage and the feeling of injustice," she said.

18 February 2023

ABC News

Disability royal commission questions lack of accountability from leaders of service providers after abuse uncovered

A disability royal commissioner says he has been struck by the fact that "nobody seems to have been held accountable" at a disability service provider in the two years since abuse was uncovered.

Disability Support Guide

Service providers front Royal Commission over violence and abuse

Disability service providers have been in the spotlight this week as the Royal Commission returned for the first time this year to examine whether providers are protecting people with disability from violence, abuse and neglect.

Support Services

Your Story Disability Legal Support is a free, independent legal service that supports people with disabilities to share their stories with the Disability Royal Commission safely.

The Disability Royal Commission has set up support services for people with disabilities affected by or interacting with the Commission process. These supports include counselling, advocacy, and financial and legal help. For more information and links, read Royal Commission Support Services.

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline is a free, independent, confidential service for reporting the mistreatment of people with disabilities. 

Contact the Disability Royal Commission

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