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It is always a great idea to nurture your creative side. Sometimes that is easier said then done, and it helps to have some arts and crafts activities up your sleeve- for a rainy day! Read on to discover some awesome, fun and low cost DIY arts and crafts activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

young Indigenous boy looking sad
field of yellow flowers behind fence under a blue sky.

The weather is getting warmer, the bees are out and the magpies are swooping. It seems it is the time to brighten up our gardens with a pop of colour or two. Below we dive right into what flowers to plant in your new-look spring garden to breathe a little life back into it after a cold winter. 

Two chia puddings, one with mango smoothie and mint, the other with berry smoothie and blueberry.

When breakfast can be a dessert, that has to be a great recipe, right? Make this the night before for a ready-made breakfast. If you need breakfast on the go, store it in a spill-proof jar and bring a spoon.

A pink and green image with a central point and blurring outward from the point. Concept photo of a migraine.

Migraine and Headache Awareness week is 19-23rd September 2022. Read on to find out about online sessions during the week. We also cover general information and apps and diaries to help track migraines and headaches.

A creamy style spaghetti on a plate. Parsley garnishes the dish

This simple pasta dish is lovely as leftovers for a work lunch. Light and creamy for warm spring days. 

passionfruit slice on a white flat lay with passionfruit in right hand corner

Now that Spring has sprung, why not try this delicious recipe for an afternoon treat in the sun? Try pairing it with a glass of sparkling lemon water for an extra citrus twist.

A person holding a book and looking at a laptop screen with multiple video links with other people.

In this socially disconnected time, the rise of the online book club is not a surprise. Having a common theme, or book to talk about gives us something to "connect" over. A distraction. The term Bibliotherapy refers to the reading of literature as a therapeutic tool. Comfort, retreat, insight, discovery can all be found within the pages, through the words both read and spoken. And at this time, perhaps we could all do with a dose of informal Bibliotherapy, or just a good read.

woman with disability stretching on floor

Every Australian should be able to actively participate in sport, as much as they wish. This includes all minority groups. For example, those with disabilities and females, not to mention females with disabilities. Although equal and fair access to sport for all is desirable, is it actually a reality? What are the barriers for women with disabilities in sport and how can we address them?

picture of a non graphic brain sitting against a pink background with ideas logo and slogan

With a lot of the country either in lockdown or affected by COVID-19, what better time to hit a mental health refresh then now? Needing a bit of help managing your wellbeing during this uncertain time? Read on to find our tips and tricks to maintaining your mental health during a pandemic.