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A caramel coloured slice with two layers and crumbled pistachio in the icing.

With a rather odd colour, this one surprises me that children like it - they reach for it thinking it's caramel, but are surprised by the spice-sweet ginger. It's an easy slice to make, and be sure to cut it into small portions as this is full of sugar and butter. Shoutout to IDEAS Helen who loves this slice.

a careworker helping a young girl in a seated position in an accessible home bathroom

The Disability Royal Commission will reconvene this month. Public hearing 32 will investigate the policies and procedures of disability service providers to prevent violence, abuse and exploitation of people with disability using their services. 

A range of healthy snacks. Banana, apple, youghurt, blueberries, honey, nuts, crackers, veggie sticks, hummus, rice cakes

Back to school means back to those after-school hunger pangs! Lunchable and bento-box ideas aside, you might need a little extra inspiration in the after-school snacks department.


shortbread stars tied with red and white string

This is Kim's Nanna's shortbread recipe. She makes several batches before Christmas and bottles them up in glass jars to give as gifts.

A display of cut slices of rocky road made from white chocolate. It has marshmallows and cherries and nuts.

Christmas is a time for sharing traditions. This is a simple recipe for Rocky Road with a festive twist.

An ice-cream Christmas Pudding, on a plate with chocolate drizzles over the top. Christmas decorations are in the background.

Rather than spending hot summer days with the oven on for 4 hours while the Christmas Cake cooks, my family tradition is an easy Ice-cream Pudding.

A glass with yellow toned trifle in an individual serve.

Christmas can be a difficult time for people with sensory issues and Autism. Sharing food with family and friends can be problematic and painful when presented with challenging textures, flavours and colours. 

girl holding her soapy hands up

Here are some simple ways to take care of yourself and your community even though COVID-19 restrictions have stopped.

rosemary cake with sprigs of romsemary and slices of lemon

Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance, so what better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than a Rosemary Cake? Try baking this cake on 11th November to remember those who passed away or suffered for Australia in all wars and armed conflicts. 

interior of public transport i.e. a bus

Public hearing 28 of the Disability Royal Commission focuses on people with disability who have experienced violence and abuse in public places.