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A glass with yellow toned trifle in an individual serve.

Amber (not her real name), like some children with autism, prefers only pale, yellow or white foods. Pasta and potato are on top of her list.

When catching up with Amber she knows I will always make her favourite potato salad. And when we spent Christmas together last year, I made sure our "dessert to share" was a pale-coloured trifle.

This recipe is in honour of Amber, and I hope you can share it with someone just like her.

You can double the recipe to feed a crowd.


500ml Custard ( I cheated and used Foster Clark's long-life custard)
Un-iced sponge cake (without the jam) or another pale cake, like Madeira cake
425 g sliced peaches (or pears) in syrup
1 packet of yellow jelly – Mango or passionfruit
Mango, Banana, or other pale fruits

Tools you need

Bowl for the jelly to set 
Metal spoon 
Measuring cups 
A large glass bowl for serving - or individual glasses for individual serves
Whisk or beater
Bowl for whisking cream 
Piping bag (optional)

Make ahead

Prepare the jelly according to packet directions and allow it to set. This takes approx 3 hours.

Making Up

Cut the cake into cubes and place it in the bottom of the glass serving bowl, or the glasses for individual serves. Use the syrup from the fruit and pour about half the syrup over the cake.

Pour half the custard over the cake.

Rough the jelly with a fork to break it up a little. Next, add a layer of jelly over the custard. Then top with the fruit, then the remaining custard.

Whip some of the cream to decorate. Spoon the cream into the piping bag and pipe decoration over the top of the trifle. Slice mango, banana and arrange on top of trifle.

Allow settling in the fridge till ready to serve.

You can make the recipe a day ahead.

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