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Image of a womans hands, holding a whisk, mixing a batter in a bowl.

This wartime recipe by my Great Grandmother won 5 pounds in a recipe competition. Because of the war, rationing and budget meals were popular. So this recipe is great for tough times, when penny-pinching and counting every dollar is important.

It is a useful recipe when tomatoes are plentiful through the summer.


1 cup of Self Raising (SR) Flour
1 egg
½ teaspoon curry powder
3 tomatoes roughly sliced 
Salt and pepper 
Milk to mix 
Oil or butter for greasing

Tools you need

Measuring cups 
Measuring spoons 
Mixing bowl
Chopping board
Whisk, beater or large spoon
Skillet or fry pan
Egg flip or metal spatula


Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, adding enough milk to make a batter. Mix. Fry spoonful’s in a lightly greased skillet like you would pancakes. Serve hot.

Contains Gluten, Dairy and Egg

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