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Stephen sees his horizons expanding now that his NDIS plan frees him from relying on friends and family to help him with one-off or ad-hoc requests.

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The majority of Stephen’s supports are managed directly by the NDIA but he also has a flexible budget to manage any supports or services as the needs arises.


Stephen had three meetings with his planner. He says the preparation he’d done enabled them to have an in-depth conversation.

The more time you can spend in preparation the better your plan will be. Stephen thought about long and short term goals before he met with his planner.

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Stephen has Usher Syndrome, which means he has both hearing and sight impairment. He says the NDIS works at its best with cooperation between participants and planners.

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Leigh wants to keep working on being a voice for people with disability and wants everyone to see them for the people they are.

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Leigh mainly kept with his existing supports and suggests to look for supports you can connect to.

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Leigh told his planner that he wanted to build on his current work, plan towards further independence and to keep working on his health.

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Leigh first started thinking about what he wanted from the NDIS when he heard that Newcastle would be a launch site.

Man sitting on a lounge

Leigh has Down Syndrome and works as a peer mentor. His work gives a voice to people with disabilities, especially people with Down Syndrome.