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Man sitting on lounge

Leigh mainly kept with his existing supports and suggests to look for supports you can connect to.

Man sitting on lounge

Leigh told his planner that he wanted to build on his current work, plan towards further independence and to keep working on his health.

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Leigh first started thinking about what he wanted from the NDIS when he heard that Newcastle would be a launch site.

Man sitting on a lounge

Leigh has Down Syndrome and works as a peer mentor. His work gives a voice to people with disabilities, especially people with Down Syndrome.

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Janelle and Willow were able to keep most of their current supports under their NDIS plan.

Lady standing in kitchen

Janelle is happy with changes she’s seen in Willow so far and says the NDIS has eased the financial burden on the family.

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It is important to have clear goals for your children before you meet with your planner. Janelle thought that they could giver her some ideas for Willow as well.

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Willow has Global Delay and her mum Janelle wasn’t sure if Willow would be eligible for the NDIS. Janelle says you’ve just got to give it a go.

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Anita says the NDIS has changed their lives knowing the support and continued therapy will be there for Lily.

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Anita says she had a lot of choice and control when putting together Lily’s team of therapists.