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A convenience for some, new technology connecting a range of devices and appliances in smart homes is changing the lives of people who have disabilities.

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Anita had thought about Lily’s goals before she sat down with the NDIS planner. She said the NDIS helped her think what Lily could do, not what she couldn’t do

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Lily’s multiple disabilities meant she didn’t fit neatly into any of the usual disability definitions. When her family sat down with an NDIS planner it was their last resort.

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Both Siobhan and Caroline relish the control the NDIS has given them over their lives now and into the future.


Siobhan says to look around until you find the support workers that best suit what you want.

Young girl in a wheelchair sitting next to her mum

Siobhan had three very clear goals which helped them build the best possible plan.

Young girl in wheelchair sitting next to her mum

Siobhan’s interests include music, boccia and Facebook. She and her mum Caroline were ready to start their planning process as soon as the NDIS opened in their area.

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The University of South Australia is proud of the fact that it is a leader in Australia providing quality higher education for people with disabilities.

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A Will is a legal document setting out who will receive your assets, money and property when you die.

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We talk a lot about "plans" at the NDIS, and one of the most common questions we get is "what does a plan actually look like?" ?Check out the second video in our Living My Plan series for some great examples.