A photo of biscuits. Star shaped shortbreads ties with red and white twine. Christmas Baubles and ribbons.

This is Kim's Nanna's shortbread recipe. She makes several batches (feeling sick after as she eats half the mixture!) prior to Christmas and packages up to give as gifts (placing shortbread into glass jars).

close up of rosemary cake with rosemary sprig on top

Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance, so what better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than a Rosemary Cake. Try baking this cake on 11th November to remember those who passed away or suffered for Australia in all wars and armed conflicts. 

A woman holds an item of clothing to pack in a suitacse which is on the bed in front of her.

Holbrook Meals on Wheels are currently supporting a 12-week Emergency Preparedness Project for people who live in the Greater Hume Council areas.

The program is named “ACT! Strengthening the emergency preparedness of vulnerable people.”

Two people, male and female, looking at a device.

This research by the office of the eSafety Commissioner explores experiences of technology-facilitated abuse among women living with intellectual or cognitive disability.

universal symbol for man and universal symbol for disability (a person in a wheelchair) on a balancing beam

The Disability Royal Commission will look at human rights and how the rights of people with disabilities found in the Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities have been implemented to prevent violence, abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in Australia. 

A girl with glasses and dark hair with intellectual disability is using a laptop computer

Our friends at CID have written a position statement on technology. People with intellectual disability have the right to effective communications to let them live a good life. 

Person's hand holding up 3 fingers next to an arrangement of vaccine vials and needles

There will be state-run clinics providing booster doses of the vaccine from Monday 1st November 2021. These doses allow for more protection from COVID-19 strains and are provided by the NSW Government.

Young girl sitting at a table, drawing on a piece of paper with an orange pencil.

Every child and young person in Australia has the right to access an inclusive education setting, and to be welcomed and valued. This means that students with a disability are to be involved and supported in their own schooling journey and community. No segregation and the same opportunities and environment as their peers.

Woman typing on laptop with pen in hand
During the pandemic, we have seen many changes to the way we live our daily lives. COVID-19 has improved accessibility and inclusion for those with a disability in Australia. 

A woman in a wheel holds an electronic device. She is in a library.

ParaQuad NSW (Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of NSW) provides services and support to people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and similar neurological disabilities. They support the educational and career goals of people with SCI and similar neurological disabilities through the provision of scholarships to people undertaking further study, including University, College, TAFE, VET study or RTO.