Accessibility Tools

a person using a sit ski with a companion standing on skis behind

Adaptive Snow Sports use adapting equipment and lessons to allow people with disability to experience snow sports. Here's your guide to adaptive snow sports.

detail of older woman's hands knitting. she is wearing a purple jacket.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is marked each year on June 15.

lamb shanks in a pot with sprigs of rosemary

This is an easy and hearty Italian recipe for those chilly wintery weekends. A great alternative to your traditional Sunday roast.

Elderly man on phone call holding credit card in hand

With the use of phones and the internet on the rise, scammers are finding new and novel ways to trick and exploit people. Whether it's your money or your identity, scammers are out to steal things personal to you. So how do you recognise one and how can you protect yourself from fraud and identity theft?

A black bowl containing a orange coloured soup, with diced red apple and thyme as a garnish.

This Sweet Potato soup is easily made ahead and suitable for a thermos lunch at school, or a quick heat in the workroom microwave. It also makes an easy mid-week meal served with damper, savoury scones or a slice of thick toast.

old fashioned brass balancing scales

Public hearing 23 of the Disability Royal Commission is a case study looking at preventing and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in disability services.

Brown, chewy, fudge-like brownie, cut into squares in the pan.

Indulgent, fudge-like, and one for the sweet-tooths amongst us. This banana brownie is easy to make and a way to use up overripe bananas.

A bright green plate, with golden cooked fish, some garnish, a lime wedge and tartare sauce.

A fuss-free fish recipe that lets the natural flavour shine. Your local fishmonger can recommend alternate fish varieties depending on seasonality and to suit your budget.

A bowl of rice pudding, with a dark patch on the skin top. ON a bamboo board with a spoon and checked serviette.

When you are only preparing a meal for one, it can be easy to shrug off nice comfort meals. Chances are you even skip dessert. Or, if you happen to love rice pudding and are the only one in your household who does, I imagine it rarely features on the menu. So this week, we present a comfort, budget, cook from your pantry dessert that is satisfyingly good, and serves one.

An image of a headstone with pink flowers laid in respect.

A death can be difficult, and there can be a lot to organise. When a loved one passes away, there is a process of trauma involved in notifying so many different organisations. The Australian government has an initiative to help people connect with multiple organisations using a single online notification.