Accessibility Tools

Two people, male and female, looking at a device.

This research by the office of the eSafety Commissioner explores experiences of technology-facilitated abuse among women living with intellectual or cognitive disability.

universal symbol for man and universal symbol for disability (a person in a wheelchair) on a balancing beam

The Disability Royal Commission will look at human rights and how the rights of people with disabilities found in the Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities have been implemented to prevent violence, abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in Australia. 

Files on a background with the words "report" and logo for the DRC

November 2021 the Royal Commission publishes two new reports providing historic insights into the experiences of people with disability in Australia.

A girl with glasses and dark hair with intellectual disability is using a laptop computer

Our friends at CID have written a position statement on technology. People with intellectual disability have the right to effective communications to let them live a good life. 

Young girl sitting at a table, drawing on a piece of paper with an orange pencil.

Every child and young person in Australia has the right to access an inclusive education setting, and to be welcomed and valued. This means that students with a disability are to be involved and supported in their own schooling journey and community. No segregation and the same opportunities and environment as their peers.

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During the pandemic, we have seen many changes to the way we live our daily lives. COVID-19 has improved accessibility and inclusion for those with a disability in Australia. 

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On 19 October 2021, the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS tabled its final report on Independent Assessments. 

A man in dark suit navigates stairs with a cane.

IncludeAbility.gov.au – is a website designed to promote meaningful employment opportunities for Australians with disability. IncludeAbility is championed by the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Ben Gauntlett.

A playing piece is singled out from others,  surrounded by barriers

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) makes disability discrimination unlawful and promotes equal rights, equal opportunity and equal access for people with disabilities.

A bluberry muffin drizzled with white icing and two strawberries, all on a plate.

This recipe was originally my Aunt's "visitor cake", the recipe you have on hand when you are expecting visitors and need to make something quickly and easily. I remember many visits to her with the delicious smell of blueberry muffins and eating them warm from the oven.