Accessibility Tools

Image of the sails of the Sydney Opera House illuminated in electric blues and pinks.

Sydney’s Vivid Festival is the largest of its kind in Australia. And we are pleased to see the continued investment by the Festival organisers into making the event more accessible year on year.  The next Vivis is 27 May - 18 June 2022.

Image of women petting a working dog on the tray of a ute

Women with Disabilities Victoria and Women’s Health Goulbourn North East (WHGNE) carried out a study a number of barriers for women with disabilities living in rural communities including worrying trends of discrimination and harassment, as well as negative impacts on longer-term health and well-being.

Image of bookshelves filled with leather-bound and gilded books

Being the carer of a person with a disability carries a huge responsibility. What happens though, when you are no longer able to look after that person? This can be majorly concerning for you, especially when it relates to family members. 

Image of cricket player with bat raised waiting for the ball

In Australia, cricket and summer go hand-in-hand. Its’ popularity evident in the number of series and tournaments that occur during the summer season, from Boxing Day Tests, through to the Big Bash League. It is no wonder that cricket is Australia’s number one participation sport.

Community Engagement Conversations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep rough? In my previous work, I regularly met an ever-increasing number of people sleeping on the cold concrete in breezy carparks, on wet grass, under bridges, in the bush and in alleyways.

Image of people protesting in purple shirts with placcards

More than 500 people with a disability and their supporters rallied in Martin Place on Sunday 24 February, calling on the NSW Government to reverse its decision to axe funding for disability advocacy

Image of bike rider and wheelchair user rolling down the road

Disability in Australia is usually taken to mean anything that affects up to 20% of usual human activity including understanding, seeing, hearing, getting around and communicating.

Image of maps, notebook and passport on a desktop with laptop, phone and coffee mug.

Travelling with a disability can feel overwhelming but be a rewarding experience. Travellers with a disability need to do a lot more research and planning in order to take a trip. Did you know IDEAS can assist you to find information when you are planning your travel?

Actor Meryl Streep stands at a podium on stage at the Oscars

Recently, at the Golden Globes, during her acceptance speech, Meryl Streep, in an unnamed accusation, highlighted the incident where Donald Trump, the US President-elect, mocked a reporter with a disability.