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We can all feel a little lonely from time to time, and for some socialising can be a bit overwhelming. So, how can we make sure our most vulnerable members of society have someone that can lend them an ear? That is where the Australian Government and their Community Visitors Scheme steps in! Read on to find out how this program can help you, or someone you love. 

a cast iron skillet filled with crumble. applies, cinamon sticks and star anise arranged around it.

For a warming dessert on these cooler, crisp nights, a comforting crumble can be the ultimate hearty and healthy-ish comfort food. It can be prepared in advance, ready to place in the oven, and makes a great leftover the following day as the flavours improve. In this recipe, we discuss changing texture for sensory needs.

A red octagonal sign which says STOP.

Newly appointed Minister for the NDIS and Government Services Linda Reynolds has been urged by disability advocates and organisations, including IDEAS, to abandon the introduction of Independent Assessments. 

An image of a disability parking space. Within the space is a yellow painted symbol of person in a wheelchair. Beside the parking space are two areas with cross marks to illustrate clear space on each side of the parking space.

Victoria recently introduced new State-Wide criteria to align with the Australian Disability Parking Scheme. The application is going online, with some changes to the scheme to make it more consistent across the state.

A tray of hot cross buns, milk, blueberries, and butter.

A comfort food staple, the classic Bread and Butter Pudding gets an Easter makeover! Using Hot Cross Buns rather than slices of humble white bread gives this recipe a more indulgent edge, and is a great way to use up any stale hot cross buns this Easter.

 Red heart with bandaid in a cross shape, sit on a blue background. It is surrounded by lilac blooms, and a stethoscope.

Respect, Rights and Consent. There is a need for both simple resources and Easy English resources on Sexual health. Information to help with:

Decision-making and choices
To support safety
Find safe ways to have conversations
For learning
And for responding to disclosure.

An image of a glass mug with lemon drink. Lemon, honey and comb, and a honey drizzler.

One of nature’s best remedies that can help hydration, soothe throats, and help to boost your body’s natural immunity is a hot lemon drink. 

Young man celebrating his birthday with a loved one. He is holding a cake and wearing a party hat.

Turning 18 is a big milestone today. It should be an exciting time, but it can come with confusion around what responsibility shifts from the parent to the child. For parents of people with disability, your continued involvement may be necessary, or it may not.  So, we have put together a list full of frequently asked questions to help guide you along the way.

The text Insurance and Floods placed on top of an aerial image of a flooded property

With flood warnings issued across parts of Australia, there is no better time than now to remind yourself of what to do in an emergency. Continue reading for Ideas’ top 5 tips on Insurance and flood damage, and what your next steps are.

A small hand holds up an orange coloured plastic easter egg. In the background are blurred easter eggs on green.

Easter! In some schools, preschools, or classrooms, Easter Hat Parades and Egg Hunts are happening. Especially with younger classes. In case, here are some tips on making the season inclusive.