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‘Respectful Listening’ depicts the story of The Disability Royal Commission, translated into a traditional style of art and symbols used by many of Australia’s First peoples to share information and stories for thousands of years. This story is made up of seven people who are Elders and or respected members of their own communities. These seven people, the Commissioners, come from different community groups including Australia’s First People, people living with disability and the LGBTIQ+ community.

The experiences of First Nations people with disability and their families in contact with child protection systems are the latest focus of the Disability Royal Commission hearings.

A woman with long, straight blonde hair in yellow jumper and white shirt who is a wheelchair user is looking to someone off the picture. There is a male seated to her right who wears a grey vest and collared shirt, he is looking at her. A third persons head can be seen at the left of the picture.

If you are new to the NDIS, chances are, you might have questions about the role that Local Area Coordinators and Support Coordinators have. In this article, we describe what they are and what they do to help you. We also explain Plan Management and the types of Plan Management available.

Young lady with her support worker

Support Workers assist the aged and people with disability with a variety of tasks including with their personal hygiene routines, mobility support, shopping activities, food preparation, housework tasks and social events.

aerial view of driveway and burnt house and bush

From the summer of 2020 bushfire crisis to the COVID-19 crisis, these past years have been dominated by stress, worry and anxiety for many of us. Summer is coming around again. In the event of a bushfire, you need to have a plan in place ready to act on. Are you ready?

A Doctor wearing white coat and glasses has a stethoscope around his neck. He is holding a blood pressure monitor and wrapping the band around a patients arm in preparation to take blood pressure reading.

High blood pressure only when you visit the Doctor? White Coat Syndrome is not yet fully understood. In this article, we break down the key points of White Coat Syndrome.

Two boys with boogie boards in the surf at the beach on a bright day.

Here are some free, and almost free, activities for your summer. We suggest how to find free groups or activities in your local area. 

A carer in blue shirt and light pants is pushing a person wearing blue pants and pink shirt in a wheelchair onto a ramp for a silver van. The ground is paved and the background is a garden with greenery.

If you plan a road trip to friends and family or a beach getaway and your vehicle hasn’t been in use very much, we have some checks and tips to do before you set off.

A little boy with a big smile

😄"Be kind to dentists … they have fillings too", 😄 "Don’t rush when you brush", 😄"Smile, it raises your face value". A little light humour to relax the mood as it is a well-known fact that many people dislike going to the dentist.

woman and small child playing in a swimming pool

Practical swimwear designs for comfort and discretion are available no matter your needs. Swimwear designs include adaptability or practicality, and we highlight some of the features available.

Concept photo of court. Four wooden figures representing a family are split into two groups, the parents are separate from the children. Behind them is a gavel. It is used in a courtroom.

The Bumpy Road is a website with Easy English Resources about Community Services in NSW. It uses simple language to help you understand your rights. There are videos to watch.