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Two mugs of hot chocolate, two spoons and a napkin with pieces of chocolate in the background

As the weather cools down, try out this new version of Hot Chocolate! It is adapted from a recipe for chocolate peanut butter sauce, developed by Nigella Lawson and included in the recipe book A Girl Called Jack by Jack Monroe. 

Fresh and chopped up cauliflower in a ladle and on a

Whole cauliflowers can be bought for only a few dollars, so they make a perfectly healthy and cheap meal or side dish. Cauliflower can be an amazing accompaniment to so many meals, or even on its own with a tasty sauce and crusty bread. 

bowl of pasta sauce

Simple comfort food, jam-packed with hidden goodness. This is an easy and flavourful pasta sauce that you can serve immediately, freeze or even jar for a later date. With a rich tomato flavour and packed full of veggies and, it is tasty.

Sweet potato is a vegetable that is full of flavour and has great health properties. Even better there are so many ways we can use it in our cooking, including this variation on the humble Sheperd's Pie.