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A toddler with disability is sitting in a high chair and feeding himself spaghetti. His cheeks are covered in food and his mouth is open wide to put a spoonful in.

Mince is a budget recipe staple. It’s cheap, easy to cook, it’s a crowd-pleaser, and it can adapt to so many different recipes... We share some ideas, and one of our staff's favourite family recipe.

A photograph of a young male with prosthetic leg. He is standing in a kitchen, chopping food. In front of him is a blender to make a smoothie with.

According to Foodbank, Australian households throw away 2.5 million tonnes of edible food each year. That equals nearly 300 kilograms per person of food waste! We have some great ideas to get the most from your food, make your meals go further, and save your coins too.

Australian 50, 100, 20, 10 and 5 dollar notes

The COVID crisis has had a massive impact on our economy. IDEAS have put together a series of articles to help you to manage your money in these challenging times.

blueberry smoothies

Craving a cool and refreshing drink on a hot summer day? Thoughts turn to cool, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and the combinations are endless!

Lemons in a white bowl

Lemons, one of those quintessential fruits with lots of uses. It can be a key ingredient in many sweet or savoury dishes and it has myriad health benefits. Who hasn’t sipped on a hot honey and lemon drink to soothe a sore throat?

Image of a womans hands, holding a whisk, mixing a batter in a bowl.

This wartime recipe by my Great Grandmother won 5 pounds in a recipe competition. Because of the war, rationing and budget meals were popular. So this recipe is great for tough times, when penny-pinching and counting every dollar is important.

Two mugs of hot chocolate, two spoons and a napkin with pieces of chocolate in the background

As the weather cools down, try out this new version of Hot Chocolate! It is adapted from a recipe for chocolate peanut butter sauce, developed by Nigella Lawson and included in the recipe book A Girl Called Jack by Jack Monroe. 

Fresh and chopped up cauliflower in a ladle and on a

Cauliflower to look at is quite bland and uninteresting, pale and chunky, a vegetable wrapped in green leaves. Whole cauliflowers can be bought for only a few dollars, so they make a perfectly healthy and cheap meal or side dish. Cauliflower can be an amazing accompaniment to so many meals, or even on its own with a tasty sauce and crusty bread. 

An ice-cream Christmas Pudding, on a plate with chocolate drizzles over the top. Christmas decorations are in the background.

Rather than spending hot summer days with the oven on for 4 hours while the Christmas Cake cooks, my family tradition is for an easy Ice-cream Pudding. It is as simple as letting the ice cream soften, and mixing in the ingredients before re-freezing. No cooking is needed.

A display of cut slices of rocky road made from white chocolate. It has marshmallows and cherries and nuts.

Christmas is a time for sharing traditions. This is a simple recipe for Rocky Road with a festive twist. Great for parties and to share with friends. Package it in glass jars with some ribbon as a gift. We promise you will be asked for more!